Automotive lighting

Automotive lighting
Automotive lighting

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With polyellipsoid headlamps the emitted light beams have a farther focus. Positioning a lens near it results in an exact light/dark boundary. The remaining light can then be uniformly distributed a little farther ahead on the roadway through an appropriate lens. Already shortly after exiting the ellipsoid, the bundled light beams are considerably smaller than with a paraboloid or free-form reflector. Only beyond the final lens (with a small effective reflex surface) does it grow.

For various load conditions of the vehicle, the headlamp level control should prevent blinding of oncoming traffic. The reflectors can be tilted vertically and adjusted by electric motors. If manually adjusted, these are set by a locator operated by the driver. With automatic headlamp level control, the assembly's position is detected by level sensors, and the control unit sends the corresponding signals to the electric motors.

The conventional turn signal control does not need to dispense with the comfort functions of modern vehicles. For example, the highway flashing is a useful extension in the retrofit area. Press the turn signal lever once and the turn signal flashes three times, for example to change the lane. This function can be easily retrofitted didactically with a module in this system.

Comfortable and intelligent control of the interior lighting is now included in all cars. So the interior lights e.g. directly turns off when the vehicle is started - whereas they are turned off slowly dimmed after some time when the door is closed without engine start. In this equipment all components including a boot lighting are included on a practice-oriented level.

Components of equipment sets

1 738103 Ignition start switch LD
1 738032 Battery connection with protection circuit LD
1 7381511 Control lamps KI LD
1 738871 Starter substitute w. load simulation LD
1 738114 Light control LD
1 738295 Central electrics LD
1 73806 12 V on-board socket LD

Main lights
1 73811 Head lamp switch LD
1 738131 Stalk with with parking light LD
1 738190 Rear lights LD

Main lights halogen
1 7381661 Headlights right halogen + LED LD
1 738166 Headlights right LD
1 7381671 Headlights left halogen + LED LD
1 738167 Headlights left LD
1 738152 Rear lamp monitoring LD
1 739573 Automotive Set Point Potentiometer LD

Main lights Xenon
1 7381822 Set: Bi Xenon headlights LD
1 739195 Connecting Leads, set of 7 LD
Signal system
1 73835 Normal and High Volume Horn LD
1 738373 Turn signal control LD
1 738372 Convenience turn signal control unit LD
1 73838 Warning Lamp Switch LD
2 738361 Side turn signal light LED LD
1 739760 Driver assistance 1 LD
Courtesy lights
1 73807 * Interior lamp LD
1 738075 * Luggage lamp LD
1 73808 * Door contact switch LD
1 738311 * Courtesy lamp control LD
Supplementary light
1 738141 * Fog lamp switch LD
2 73818 * Auxiliary headlamp LD
Power distribution
1 73809 ** Fuse holder LD
2 738291 ** Relay 1NO LD
1 73828 ** Relieving Relay LD
1 73830 ** Relay 1 CO LD
1 738044 Dangerous good ** AGM-battery 12V LD
1 738043 ** Vehicle battery connecting kit LD
1 53732 ** Rheostat, 10 ohms LD
1 73812 ** Multi-purpose switch LD

Measuring equipment
1 LDS00001 ** Stopwatch, digital LD
1 72720 ** Automobile Meter Zero-Left LD
2 72721 ** Automobile Meter Zero-Center LD
2 738985 ** Automotive meter LD
1 500990 Adapter sockets, set of 2 LD
1 73805 Connection leads I, set LD
1 738027 ** Digital power supply 1 - 16 V/40 A LD
1 72626 Panel frame VT180, three-level LD
7 50059 Safety bridging plugs, black, set of 10 LD
1 500592 Safety bridging plugs with tap, black, set of 10 LD
1 7389831 Safety experiment cables, set of 102 LD
1 6890813 Set 12 automotive fuses LD
1 6890814 Set 2 automotive automatic fuses LD
1 775012DE LIT: A2.1.2.1 Automotive lighting LD
1 775012EN LIT: A2.1.2.1 Automotive lighting LD

Supplementary equipment
1 73801 * Cable and plug box LD
1 500593 * Fault simulation plugs, black, set of 10 LD
1 738021 * Battery charger, automatic LD
1 73810 Ignition switch LD

Articles marked with ** are additionally required.

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.

Dangerous good This product is a dangerous good and is not available for online purchase. If this product is part of an experiment, you may order the experiment without the marked dangerous good. For ordering the dangerous goods please contact our customer service center (+49 (0) 22 33 / 604 – 319).

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