Our senses - Digital

Our senses - Digital
Our senses - Digital


Students as experimental subjects: with this principle, many experiments on the human senses can be carried out in the Science Lab Human Biology. Whether smelling, seeing, feeling or hearing - the students can often experiment on themselves. The selection of experiments is supplemented by anatomical experiments, e.g. the preparation of a pig's eye. Temperature measurements can be taken with the Mobile-CASSY WLAN.

Components of equipment sets

1 207311S
Science Lab Human Biology HU1 (Set) LD
1 524005W2
Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
2 647003
Lid for tray LD
additionally required per class:
1 52073
** LIT: LB Science Lab Biology, digital LD
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1 662460
** Essential Oils Set LD
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Articles marked with ** are additionally required.

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