Our body - Digital

Our body - Digital
Our body - Digital


One's own body is a central topic in biology lessons. The students examine the cardiovascular and digestive systems in classical experiments. A special focus is on experiments on the subject of the nervous system: from reaction tests to learning investigations, many experiments can be carried out with the students' own bodies. The reaction tests may be carried out with the Mobile-CASSY WLAN.

The same Science Lab drawer sets are needed for the topic areas "Our body" and "Keeping the body healthy". If you want to purchase both subject areas, you only need the sets once. In this way, we enable you to cover both subject areas in class with little further additional material.

Components of equipment sets

1 207300S
Science Lab Biology Basic BB (Set) LD
1 207312S
Science Lab Human Biology HU2 (Set) LD
2 610010
Laboratory safety goggles, Focomax LD
1 31178
Tape measure 2 m / 1 mm LD
1 524005W2
Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
1 5240461
Reaction test adapter S LD
1 5240471
Pulse sensor S LD
1 5240501
Blood pressure sensor S LD
1 524056
Spirometer box LD
1 662148
Hand-held button LD
1 662149
Foot switch LD
1 ADACB501
Compact scale 500 g : 0.1 g LD
2 647003
Lid for tray LD
additionally required per class:
1 52073
** LIT: LB Science Lab Biology, digital LD
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1 679312 Dangerous good
** Chemicals Science Lab HU2 LD
GHS00 This product contains dangerous substances!
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1 6623812
** Mouthpieces for spirometer, set of 40 LD
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1 6623813
** Bacteria filters for spirometer, set of 30 LD
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1 610077
** Nitrile examination gloves, size M LD
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Articles marked with ** are additionally required.

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