Ecology - Digital

Ecology - Digital
Ecology - Digital


Ecology is more than the use of the word "eco" suggests. In the Science Lab Ecology (ECO), one of the tasks is to observe and describe an ecosystem from as many points of view as possible. For example, the students measure temperature and illuminance. Or they compare a forest soil with a roadside soil. The topic of biodiversity is also worked out experimentally. Measurements with the Mobile-CASSY 2 WLAN also enable the long-term study of ecosystems.

Components of equipment sets

1 207300S
Science Lab Biology Basic BB (Set) LD
1 207331S
Science Lab Ecology ECO (Set) LD
1 524005W2
Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi LD
1 5240671
Conductivity adapter S LD
1 524452
pH Adapter M LD
1 5240673
NiCr-Ni adapter S, type K LD
2 6661261
Temperature probe, NiCr-Ni, fast, type K LD
1 529670
Conductivity sensor LD
1 529673
pH combination electrode, BNC LD
2 610010
Laboratory safety goggles, Focomax LD
1 ADACB501
Compact scale 500 g : 0.1 g LD
1 MIK5738860
Microscop EduLed FLQ LD
1 LDS00001
Stopwatch, digital LD
2 647003
Lid for tray LD
additionally required per class:
1 679330 Dangerous good
** Chemicals Science Lab ECO LD
GHS00 This product contains dangerous substances!
Add to product list
1 6744640
** Buffer solution pH 4.00, 250 ml LD
EUH208 EUH210
Add to product list
1 6744670
** Buffer solution pH 7.00, 250 ml LD
EUH208 EUH210
Add to product list
1 MA91201
** Test sticks total water hardness LD
Add to product list
1 MA91313
** Test sticks Nitrate/Nitrite LD
Add to product list
1 MA91315 Dangerous good
** Test sticks Ammonium LD
GHS05 Danger H314
Add to product list
1 MA91320 Dangerous good
** Test sticks Phosphate LD
GHS05 Danger H314
Add to product list
1 52073
** LIT: LB Science Lab Biology, digital LD
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Articles marked with ** are additionally required.

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